About Us
ALTERVARA Ltd. was created at May 1999 and thereafter successfully works at the market of premises. For this time an agency positively has proved, group was renewed the skilled specialists, who have the permanent experience on the market of premises, vastly enlarge the spectrum of rendered services, there was opened new office in the center of Tallinn. Now, our services are using within Tallinn not only, but also in parts of Harjumaa.
Usually people have not sufficient experience in buying-sale of premises because need for this appears seldom. If you want to buy or sell the apartment, and already on first stage of deal are realized the difficulties with certificate of ownership on apartment or else some problems, follows to think about attraction of skilful go-between - agency of premises. Having respective experience of work and skills, ALTERVARA Ltd. can render the skilled help on undertaking the deals with premises.


This is our job and we know how to do it!

Except skills and experience we have extensive, constantly updated database, which real reflects the situation on the market of premises. This greatly accelerates the finding of object of premises or buyer, corresponding to desired conditions.

1. Our facilities:
  • sale of premises on the conditions of client;
  • sale unoccupied (trade and office) of premises;
  • urgent buying to premises, drawing up the documents and payment during 1-2 days;
  • exchange by way buying-sale (sale to premises of client under simultaneous buying required premises);
  • exchange in city with use computer database; settling the public apartments ;  
  • selection (searching for) of apartments, houses, cottages, office and trade premises, as well as any objects of premises in Tallinn ;
  • the help in privatization of home for the reason the further sale ;
  • the free consultations on questions of operations with premises;
  • the legal accompaniment of deal;
  • urgent preparing the documents for notarial registration of deals with premises;
  • take and will deliver the apartments in lease.
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